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Sunmate was established in 1997 to meet the growing need for protecting ourselves from the damaging UV-rays of the sun. People are becoming more and more aware of how the UV-rays affect our skin. It´s enough to get bad sunburn a couple of times during childhood to increase the risk of getting the dangerous cancer, Malign Melanoma. In Sweden the number of cases increase by 6 % yearly (the average of different cancer diseases is 1%) and the people who get it are proportionately young. In some, there is a hereditary factor, but the foremost reason for the rapid increase is that we are used to sunbathing unprotected during our summermonths and on holidays to warmer climates. The children are the most at risk group because their skin is extra sensitive. The best way of protecting them from the UV-rays is by clothing or shade. Sunmate has been developed using Australian standards, which has been at the forefront developing fabrics and materials for swimwear and hats designed to protect the most sensitive parts of the body. The swimwear is comfortable to wear and has attractive designs in exquisite colours. The fabrics are rated with a maximum Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ in accordance to the Australian Radiation Laboratory. The fabrics have been developed over long time and are thoroughly tested. There is a proof of testing label/certificate on each garment.

The idea of Sunmate

The idea of Sunmate arose when Oscar, aged one year,was going on holiday. How could he be protected from the sun without using uncomfortable sunscreens? Special clothes to cover his body were sewn, and this protection was a success. A couple of years later special swimwear appeared in the USA, Canada and Australia. In Australia are they used as a matter of course and up to 80% of the children are using such clothes. They are even used in Tasmania where the summer as in Sweden is short.


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